A Guarantee.

Our exemplary track record since 2007 with government, municipalities and HOA's proves our ability to deploy the most successful networks with unsurpassed efficiency.

The Anaptyx network engineering group can provide network services from the initial consulting and business requirements phase to final operation and maintenance of the network.


Anaptyx has extensive experience in government, and municipal Wi-Fi deployment – possessing full in-house design and installation capabilities and a proven track record of dozens of successful municipal deployments. If are looking for a high quality, turnkey and successful network, look no further than Anaptyx, the municipal wireless authority.


It’s time to improve the way you experience the Internet while adding a vital amenity to your property. Forward-thinking property managers and HOA's are looking to Anaptyx to bring wireless Internet to their properties. Wi-Fi connectivity makes a property more attractive, competitive, and more modern by enabling users to make use of high-speed Internet services that are fast and easy. With simplicity, reliability, and efficiency at our core, we are revolutionizing wireless delivery of Internet services to communities of all sizes.


Our engineering group can provide the network architecture, implementation engineering and hardware to build a network. This includes the construction of the network, and all associated infrastructures. Unlike many network consulting and solutions providers, Anaptyx can provide a full infrastructure solution.

Anaptyx provides the best solutions to meet your current and future network needs while maximizing your capital investments. Our engineers have the knowledge and experience to provide strategic planning that will meet your organization’s current network needs, while providing the flexibility to adapt as your organization matures.