As 2014 comes to a close today, we would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy and healthy new year as well as release some basic statistics about the performance of Anaptyx in 2014.


This year was our strongest year as far as growth is concerned since Anaptyx was founded in 2007. Some of the key figures and achievements for 2014 are:


1.) Experienced an overall grown rate of 38.6%.

2.) Increased the amount of bandwidth we own and control by 237%.

3.) Signed a master reseller agreement with Time Warner Cable.

4.) Added four government accounts, several hotels and countless properties.

5.) Upgraded all of our bulk residential customers in 2014, adding full CAT5/6 cabling to each location.

6.) Had an overall customer satisfaction rate of 99.009%

7.) Developed a proprietary RPI based network monitoring system to ensure customer transmission levels.

8.) Performed a complete overhaul and upgrade of our wireless backhaul networks, increasing capacity by 4x.

9.) Served successfully delivered nearly 4,300 terabytes to approximately 860,000 users.

10.) Current growth opportunities for 2015 forecast a potential of nearly 100%.


We sincerely appreciate all of the opportunities and business our customers and users provide us on a daily basis. We look forward to a phenomenal 2015 and wish only the best upon everyone!